Balayage and Choosing the Best Balayage Treatment in Melbourne

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Many of the world’s who’s who in the fashion, movie and film, and music industries, as well as those in the upper echelons of society has been seen sporting a kind of hair-do that is neither too loud nor too subtle. This kind of hair highlighting technique has been around for many decades yet it is now making a huge comeback particularly because of its unique ability to bring out the best in anyone’s hair. Balayage is such a wondrous technique that it is now finding its way into hair salons of every major city all over the world.

In Melbourne where style is at a premium, individuals can get the full benefit of having this kind of hair highlighting technique from many of its top notch and truly world class hair salons. These are fully staffed by professional hairstylists who have mastered the delicate art of hair highlighting using the balayage technique. For example, Melbourne balayage expert – Rakis on Collins have a team of highly skilled and duly certified balayage specialists to make sure that the hue applied onto your hair is just the right type, amounts, and colour so that it naturally blends with the rest of your hair.

But what is balayage in the first place?

Balayage is a hair highlighting technique that involves the application of highlights or colours on your hair. What makes it truly unique is that it is applied by hand wherein section of your hair is placed onto a backing board where it is hand-painted with your chosen lightening or colouring agent. Since you cannot ascertain the evenness of the paint applied onto the hair, it creates a sun-kissed appearance, more like the hair that you had when you were still a kid. Balayage is a less systematic yet equally effective way of giving you the look of grown out hair, perfect for strutting anywhere.

The overall result of a balayage hair highlighting technique is hair with more body, more random highlights, less symmetrical, more casual, and more beach-y finish. Just look at Rihanna, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde, and Jared Leto, just to name a  few and you will understand just how naturally looking their hair look.

But where can you get the best balayage treatment in Melbourne?

There are plenty of hair salons in the Melbourne area that provide excellent balayage treatment. However, like any consumer in search of only the best that money can buy, it is best to perform a thorough research of the different hair salons in the area.

First off, research. It pays to seek advice from friends who may already have had a balayage from any of these hair salons. Or, you can just look among your friends or office co-workers if any of them is sporting a balayage that you truly adore. Ask them where they had their treatment and, voila you already have a lead. Ask as many recommendations as you can and then individually check them out yourself.

Second, try to drop by in any of them and get a feel of the quality of their services. Search the internet forums and look for client feedback. Check for recommendations as well as the reasons why they would recommend one hair salon over the other. Check their website so you will also have an insight on their level of professionalism.

Lastly, when you have already narrowed down your search to two or three, pay them a visit and ask whatever questions you may have in mind. Look for their latest sample of balayage work and determine if that is what you require. If you are satisfied with what you see, then make an appointment and get ready to take on a balayage journey.

If you simply do not know where to start, give Rakis on Collins a try. Give your crowning glory a new twist and you will surely enjoy getting nice remarks from friends and loved ones.