Designing Your Clinic for a More Positive Patient Experience

physio clinicThe hospitals and medical practices of today are no longer like they were before. Back in the day, they were plainer and more about functionality than design. This actually led to the impression of these places back then as sad, or at least unfriendly. Nowadays, designers work with administrators to make their facilities more welcoming and relaxing. The goal is to also give patients a more positive experience when visiting them and look forward to coming back. This can be achieved through good medical clinic interior design ideas.

A friend of mine who also owns a physio clinic in Werribee decided to upgrade his offices to attract customers and make existing clients more comfortable during every visit. At the same time, he wants to be able to showcase the new design online, so that when prospective clients visit Wyndham Physio and Rehabilitation website, they can be drawn to come by for a real look. After all, the idea is to redesign the practice to look more spa-like, or a center of fitness and well-being.

To be honest, I never realized the impact of the interiors on the patient’s perception of the clinic. I always thought that the most important thing was how the therapists or professionals work with them. However, the designer made a great point in saying that visitors get their first impression the second they enter the practice. At the same time, for a business that promotes a healthy lifestyle, an office that looks relaxing and promotes healing put clients in the mood during their appointment.

In fact, based on my experience helping my friend, here are some key points to consider when medical professionals want to redesign their clinics:

Comforts of Home

Patients want to be comfortable when going to the doctor or to other medical professionals. Feeling like they are at home makes sense because we are most relaxed when we are at home. More and more clinics are going for designs that imbibe this. For example, individual rooms can be designed to look like bedrooms, with matching cabinets, bedside tables, and others. 

At the same time, more public areas of the practice use artwork, colors, and textures, as well as natural light to make it as homey as possible. Lounges or café areas can also be designed to be more inviting, giving them space to sit and have a coffee while maybe checking on their laptops or phones. This is a stark contrast to the old-style waiting areas with stiff chairs that have the opposite effect on visitors.

A Balance of Open and Private Spaces

Gone are the many confusing hallways that are boring and plain. More and more clinics are opting for an open design that looks more like a spa than a medical facility. Even the group exercise areas are roomy, light and inviting, more like your nearby gym than a physio practice. At the same time, private treatment rooms are still available, for massages or other procedures. Offices for practitioners are also designed with enough space for consultations and other administrative tasks and needs. 

The Significance of Sanitation

The choice of furniture and other important parts of the design is critical to keep the clinic sanitary for all, whether patients or practitioners. After all, infections do normally spread in such environments, and every surface can easily breed some nasty organisms. In addition to offering hand washing or sanitizing stations in public areas, every chair, sofa and table should also be easy to clean and disinfect. Materials like vinyl textiles and Crypton finishes are best when choosing what to use in your clinic re-design. Even better are items that have anti-microbial finishes like silver ion in metal and wood, which can stop these bacteria from growing there in the first place. Though your office will not anymore look like the white, sanitary hospitals of the past, it does not mean it is less hygienic.

Providing Access to All

Physiotherapy practices, in particular, tend to cater to patients with mobility issues. After all, their services include rehabilitating those who had injuries, or who have existing back pain or problems. It makes it even more crucial that their clinics make it easy for those who are in wheelchairs or other walkers to access their offices.

In fact, the whole point of the redesign has much less to do with aesthetics as it has to do with improving the patient experience. This is simply achieved by making the practice more comfortable, open and relaxing, that visitors always have a good experience and memory of going to your treatments. Your designer will help you incorporate your clinic’s mission and key values into design concepts that your clients will see and feel every time they have an appointment.

Improving Fertility Rates Thru IVF Acupuncture

IVF Acupuncture

A naturally conceived pregnancy is what most women hope once they are prepared and have decided to get pregnant. However, there are certain conditions where going natural is not possible. When you visit FCM clinicyou will learn about alternative methods to successfully conceive and these methods were proven to be effective.

Infertile couples are becoming desperate when it comes to finding means to achieve conception. Fertility clinics, in return, have thought of ways and made studies about assisted reproduction and they do not look solely at what the modern approaches can do. Rather, they are delving on the use of traditional techniques to enhance the current approaches for infertility.

The realm of medicine, both western and alternative, has so much to offer in terms of helping women conceive. Top fertility centres around the world encourage an integrated approach wherein a modern method is combined with the traditional ones to increase its effects. Such is true with IVF acupuncture where the Chinese practice of inserting needles to relax the body is added to an IVF therapy.

During a typical In-Vitro Fertilization, a woman receives multiple injections in a course of several weeks in order to support the implantation. With such a daunting experience, it would be impossible to convince the woman to undergo acupuncture where needles are to be inserted into specific parts of the body. However, research shows that an IVF procedure that is coupled with acupuncture proved to be effective and beneficial.

What Makes Acupuncture Effective with IVF?

It is not fully understood how this traditional Chinese procedure helps a woman undergoing an IVF but doctors agree that it can indeed contribute to a favorable environment for conception. The primary benefit is that the procedure has a calming effect. Fertility treatments can be quite stressful, especially for the woman. With acupuncture, stress hormones are eliminated, thereby reducing the likelihood of failed fertilization. A relaxed patient will most likely have a total wellness plus a faster recovery.

There are also studies on the effects of acupuncture in the uterine blood flow. It shows that with the procedure, there is an increased ovarian blood flow, which is a must for a healthy follicle development. It will also improve egg quality as well as enhance the likelihood of implantation. Given that these reasons contribute to fertility, acupuncture then is beneficial for this purpose.

It should also not to be discounted that acupuncture therapy is always correlated to wellness. It evokes a “feel good” emotion that is psychologically helpful. Anxiety is a contributing factor to failed implantations so its effects on the woman’s emotions are highly regarded.

What is the Stand of Modern Medicine Practitioners Regarding this Integration?

There is an explosion of fascination with the use of acupuncture to back up IVF for the last 20 years. Even modern doctors can’t help but be interested in its effects on assisted reproduction. The mystical nature of acupuncture is being considered worthy of in-depth research and thorough analysis because of its potentials.

But does it really improve IVF outcomes?

Because there are many techniques, timing, and controls used during the research about IVF and acupuncture, problems in making a conclusive analysis about it remain to be a problem. The skeptics insist that the results are not convincing enough. They do, however, agree that acupuncture done during an IVF is perfectly safe. There is little to no harm for the woman to try it if only to have its relaxing benefits.

Considering that the results of the studies done on acupuncture effects to IVF are inconclusive especially to modern medicine, it is not guaranteed that it will work in all cases. Many are still not sold on the idea and are skeptical about it. But for infertility clinics that recognize its benefits, the procedure is not harmful, so it is really worth a try. Recent studies are currently making in-depth examinations of the evidence that needle stimulation during acupuncture improves blood flow to the vital organs in conception. This research can prove how the procedure can help by making the uterine wall receptive to the embryo.

Many couples who are on the verge of desperation are encouraged to try this Chinese traditional procedure. They can’t be blamed because although there is no proven scientific evidence of its effects, acupuncture is regarded to be effective in managing stress especially at the crucial stage of IVF. One thing is for sure, acupuncture is a natural way to calm the body because acupuncture is a great relaxation technique that anyone can rely on so a woman on IVF can most likely have a stress- free and successful fertilization.

Fertility Acupuncture – Relief to Couples Having Difficulty Bearing Children

fertility acupuncture

For married couples, the culmination of the marriage is in the creation of a family. For a woman, nothing is more monumental than conceiving a child and bringing him into this world to be loved and raised in pretty much the same way as his parents were born, raised, and loved by their respective parents.

Unfortunately, there are couples who, despite all attempts at conceiving a child, fail miserably because of reasons still poorly understood. Some have attempted undergoing in vitro fertilization or IVF and yet there have been no guarantees that it will turn out as expected. Some women have resorted to quack medicine practices while others have gone searching for the ultimate infertility cure. However, there is growing evidence that a certain kind of centuries-old Traditional Chinese Medicine – acupuncture – can help improve the overall success rate of in vitro fertilizations and other similar fertility treatment procedures. It should be understood that acupuncture will not make you pregnant. It will simply make your reproductive system a lot healthier and more receptive to the idea of conception. As there are simply so many important things to know about fertility acupuncture we have prepared this article just for you.

What’s Wrong in Infertility?

Getting pregnant requires the union of an egg cell from the woman and a sperm cell from the man. The egg cell is released by the ovaries only once every month, usually around 14 days before your first day of menstruation. They call this period ovulation or the time when the egg cell, the ova, is released from the ovaries. This is often in response to stimulation from the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. Infertility occurs if you simply cannot conceive either because of failure of ovulation or because of some other factors like medical problems and partner issues. Four to 5 out of 10 infertility cases have been found to be related to problems in women while 1 in 5 cases are directly related to male problems.

What Causes Infertility?

Among women, the major cause of infertility is a problem with ovulation which can be brought about by premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome, problems in thyroid function, increased prolactin levels, and poor quality of the ova especially among older women. Some studies also point to a possible genetic origin. Problems in the fallopian tubes and the uterus may also prevent a woman from conceiving or carrying with the pregnancy to full term. This can be due to endometriosis, submucosal fibroids, previous surgery, and previous sterilization. Other causes of infertility among women include marijuana and cocaine addiction, chemotherapeutic medications, and radiation therapy.

Among men, infertility is often caused by problems with the semen such as low sperm count, complete absence of sperm, low sperm motility, and unusual sperm morphology and physiology. The latter is often caused by testicular infection or cancer, retrograde ejaculation, varicocele, undescended testes, mumps, and cystic fibrosis among others.

It should be understood that while these causes of infertility may be systemic, the risk factors are totally preventable. These include smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, eating disorders, strict vegetarianism, over-exercising, sedentary lifestyle, sexually transmitted infections, and mental and emotional stress.

How Acupuncture can Help

Acupuncture works by regulating the normal flow of life energy or qi across the body in order to establish and maintain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. Traditional Chinese medical practitioners believe that infertility is brought about by the blockage of the life energy that naturally flows between the reproductive organs and the part of the brain that controls these functions. Acupuncture stimulates the meridian that unblocks this pathway to allow the resumption of the normal flow of the life energy. However, it should be understood that the results from fertility acupuncture are not immediate and should be done regularly and only by a licensed practitioner.

Fertility acupuncture reduces stress which helps balance the hormones in the body. When you are under stress, you produce a lot of cortisol which somehow affects the release of other hormones by the pituitary gland particularly those related to ovulation and reproduction. Establishing a balance in these hormones can help facilitate a healthier reproductive system. Additionally, fertility acupuncture increases the blood flow to the ovaries and the other reproductive organs in order to provide the adequate oxygenation and nourishment necessary to produce higher quality egg cells or even healthier sperm cells. Additionally, since blood supply is also increased to the uterus, a fertilized egg will be able to latch onto the surface of the uterus which will carry it through 37-38 weeks until it is time to deliver.

A Tel Aviv University study revealed that fertility acupuncture can increase the rate of getting pregnant by as much as 26 percent especially when combined with modern fertility treatments such as the use of clomiphene citrate or Clomid. Acupuncture is clearly no longer merely confined to the management of pain and the induction of relaxation. It is now considered one of the best possible solutions to couples who have problems conceiving.

Beneficial Services That Chiropractors Offer


Chiropractic therapy or treatment is a method that adjusts and manipulates the vertebral column to correct certain problems related to posture, bones, and muscles. The extremities are also included in the adjustment and manipulation. In this way, an individual can be free of body problems like lumbar disk degeneration, occupational injuries, muscle cramps, nerve entrapment, insomnia, strains, sprains, whiplash, migraine, sports injuries, numbness in different body parts such as legs, arms, shoulder and neck, and diseases like arthritis.

How to Choose a Good Physio? 

Though chiropractic therapy promises effective treatment and relaxation, you need to look for a good and reliable physio or chiropractic therapist. If not, you won’t be reaping the benefits of the therapy. If you’re living in Australia, there are numerous physio that you can consider. You can visit to have access to chiropractor in Melbourne directory list. Though the list may include the best chiropractic therapists in town, you also need to consider other tips so you can really end up with the physio that will work best for you.

One reliable tip is to ask friends or other people you trust whom you know have already tried the therapy. Asking them will give you an idea about the therapists you can rely on. Another tip is to read feedback from clients online. You can read them on websites or forums where chiropractic therapy and therapists are being discussed. When you interact with other web users who are interested or have already tried chiropractic therapy, you’ll be able to have enough knowledge about the therapists who really deliver good service. You may also gain information about the clinics that are known for their professionalism and expertise in the field.  

What are the Chiropractic Services Available Today? 

The services that chiropractic therapist offer vary according to the part of the body that needs treatment. One is the service or treatment for back injuries, which is called spinal decompression therapy. Among the common problems related to back injury are sciatica, facet syndrome, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and bulging discs. Advancement in technology has allowed for the development of a decompression table that is operated using computer. The table is used to help the problematic areas decrease the amount of pressure. This results to an improvement in blood and oxygen flow. The problematic areas also heal much faster because of an improvement in the flow of nutrients as well. The FDA has approved the therapy as safe many years ago.

Another problem that requires a different service is fibromyalgia. This is one of the common problems that many chiropractors deal with. The condition is experienced through various symptoms such as numbness, fatigue, hypersensitivity to cold or heat, stiffness, abdominal pain, chronic headaches, and many others. The therapists usually offer solutions to eliminate the pain without medication and surgery. This is one major reason why many are choosing therapies that don’t rely on synthetic drugs and complicated surgeries.

Another advancement in the chiropractic therapy field is the development of cold laser. This is why there is now a service called cold laser therapy. The device is used for the effective treatment of numerous medical conditions such as soft tissue injuries, neuropathy, chronic pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, sprains, and many others. The laser works in the improvement of the cells’ performance. With the cold laser, the cells become more efficient in the stimulation of the immune, vascular, and lymphatic systems. Most importantly, the laser treatment helps cells to become better in cellular repair.   

Leg-length deficiency is also a problem that chiropractic therapists encounter. Other related problems are subtalar instability and flat feet. These require the service pelvic stabilization, which involves the use of a small hell lift. The lift is usually placed inside the shoe of the affected leg. A supplement to the treatment is the use of a corrective arch to help in the stabilization of the pelvis.

Aside from the services, there are also other services such as ergonomics, infrared radiation, traction, electrical muscle stimulation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, diathermy, and hydrotherapy.

With the many and advance services that chiropractic therapy offers today, you can definitely treat back related pains and injuries and many other problems related to muscles and bones without the fear of any invasive method. It is worth noting that chiropractors have gone through extensive education. Hence, you can surely rely on their method of treatment.

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How Good Diet and Right Supplements Can Help Your Health in 2016

healthy dietA well-balanced diet focuses mainly on two things; eating the right kind of foods and eating them in the right amount. According to, eating the right types of foods in limited quantities will not be effective, and neither will it help when they are consumed excessively. It is simply common sense that an individual who is less active should eat less, while someone who is more active has to eat more.

A diet that prevents you from eating a certain food group should not be followed. Every single food group consists of a variety of nutrients, and our body system needs every one of these, though in different quantities, and it is also different from person to person. With regard to following a healthy diet, one plan does not apply to everyone. Every person leads a different diet and lifestyle, originates from different backgrounds, has different occupations and levels of fitness.

All foodstuff is good when taken according to your body requirements, including fats and carbohydrates. The following are some of the essential components of a good diet, for it to be considered effective and healthy.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals do not give you energy, but they are vital to ensure that your body can make use of the energy that it acquires from fats, carbs and proteins. They are found in all fruits and vegetables in large amounts . They have an important role to play in your body as co-enzymes and catalysts. You need them for a variety of reasons, which range from the development and growth of the body to regulating the bodily hormones.

Vitamins B and C are water soluble vitamins, which should be taken daily. On the other hand, vitamins A, D, E and K are fat solubles that are present in oats, milk, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils and colored fruits. Because they are fat soluble, they can be stored easily in the body, and so should not be eaten in excess amounts. 

Magnesium, zinc, iron, copper and calcium are essential minerals for the body. They help in maintaining the health of your joints and bones, in preventing acne and wrinkles, as well as in regulating blood pressure, etc. These are found in green leafy vegetables, whole grains, eggs, fish, meat, milk and milk products.


The fruits and vegetables that you purchase from the market undergo various types of processing before they reach to your home. During the process, their nutritional contents get relatively low. The poor storing conditions contribute to this matter even further. In addition, you add various types of seasonings while cooking them. Consequently, the nutrients that your body absorbs is extremely low, which result in nutritional deficiencies. To ensure proper nourishment of the body, you need to take the right supplements to make up for the lack of nutrients. The supplements that your body requires on a regular basis are vitamin supplements A, B, E and C, and mineral chromium, calcium, selenium and zinc supplements. You may consult your doctor before you start taking dietary supplements.


Protein is a vital part of a good diet as it helps in repairing and building body tissues. Every cell in your body, including your nails and hair, is composed of mostly proteins. The body requires proteins to make muscles, cartilage, bones, hormones, blood, enzymes and skin. A diet that is rich in proteins can also be useful for weight loss, so include plenty of proteins in your diet plan. Studies have revealed that consuming a diet that is rich in protein, helps to keep hunger away for a quite a while, resulting in lesser calorie intake and so, weight loss. Some of the foods that are protein rich are beans, whole grains, nuts, fish and poultry without the skin.


Carbs are viewed as basic and complex. However, what you should also know is that they are also categorized as fast and slow carbohydrates based on their glycemic index. Fast carbs convert to fat instantly, while slow carbohydrates do not get stored as fat and give you energy. Fast carbs contain high glycemic index and low fiber. It is recommended that you do not eat them together with another meal, but rather eat them as a meal alone. You can find them in white rice, pastries, biscuits, sugar, cakes and cold drinks. Slow carbs contain high fiber and have a low glycemic index. They are present in whole wheat bread, oats, barley, brown rice, pasta and dried beans. All these give your body the energy it requires for performing daily activities.

Basically, there is no source of nutrients that can be effective by itself. The above-mentioned should be consumed in combination in order to experience optimum benefits. You can enjoy health and wellness only when you consume vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, supplements, and the like, in the right amounts.

Benefits of Playing Music (Especially Drums) for Health

drum lessonsIf you are one of those people who think that drumming is just all about music beats and noise, then you are wrong. In fact, drumming provides a wide variety of benefits in every aspect of the daily life. Many of the techniques and skills acquired in drumming can be applied to various other situations. And for the parents with hyper energetic children, it may just be the solution to bring back focus in the little ones. Many have enrolled into drum lessons without knowing its health benefits because their main goal is to hone their skills. If you belong to these individuals, then you will be delighted to know that there’s more than just developing a talent or skill.

A lot of research has supported the positive effects of drumming on social behaviors, self-esteem, behavioral issues, self-expression, grief, group cohesion, depression, bi-manual coordination, and many others, for adults and children alike.

Physical Benefits of Drumming

The physical aspect is one obvious benefit to drumming. Obviously, drumming is considered a physical activity, which takes a lot of energy. Try sitting on a stool, and move your hands and feet at rapid speed, for a few hours. Do you feel tired? It is definitely not an easy job. But, the drummers in the best drum lessons studio in Melbourne, Victoria have cardio muscles that are more developed compared to those non-drummers. So if you have trouble getting some exercise but would like to develop some muscles, then try to play drums. Not only will you get the exercise you need, but you will also have fun. In other words, you are having so much fun playing the drums that you do not feel you are actually exercising.

Mental Benefits of Drumming

The main reason that rhythm is an effective tool is that it spreads throughout the whole brain. For example, speech is in one section of the brain and vision in another part. But drumming has access to the entire brain.

The brain is built to easily recognize music and rhythm patterns. It activates limbic and frontal parts of the brain, helping the brain attract attention to the sound. For some people, it is calming and therapeutic, similar to other types of music.

Drumming takes a lot of time, work and energy that is quite rewarding when done right. These reward can be identified easily, and drummers are self-motivated. This focus and determination that is learned through drumming can be applied to any situation. While performing a beat, a drummer uses all parts of the brain to ensure that they are playing on time.

For the children, this helps develop basic skills in channeling their thought process, and focusing on a specific thing. For parents who have children experiencing ADD or ADHD, playing drums is beneficial for them. Getting the youngsters to begin playing the drums is an effective way for them use their excess energy on something that is physical and useful. By engaging both the body and mind in performing music, the whole activity will be exhilarating and enjoyable, not exhausting.

Reduce Stress, Tension and Anxiety

The same as what you call a runner’s high, a drummer’s brain discharge feel-good hormones shortly after playing music. It is the dynamic performance of music that creates this endorphin high, not really the music by itself.

Playing drums can relieve stress, frustration and disappointment. It does not matter if you are using a drum kit, beating a djembe, or hitting a marching band bass drum, drumming is a great stress reliever. Playing music can boost your mood even for just a short while. So, if you are feeling a bit down or a burned out, then grab those drum sticks and start drumming.

Playing Drums Helps Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has a tremendously draining effect on the way of life of a person. Reports indicate that drumming acts as a distraction from grief and pain. Also, it stimulates the production of endorphins and endogenous opiates, which are the morphine-like painkillers of the body, and thus aid in controlling the pain.

Whether you are young or grown up, playing the drums can be the most gratifying experience for you. It will help keep you active, keeping you thinking and keeping you in the know. It is strongly recommended that parents encourage their kids of any age to play drums. It will help shape their personality and character by teaching them some essential skills in life. Indeed, drumming is for everyone, regardless of age and gender.

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The Truth About Super Foods: Is It Really Good for You?

healhty foodsHealth supplements are all over the market today. You will find one which can help you get rid of acne, eradicate your chances of infertility, beat stress, reduce weight, boost your immune system and so many more. The possibilities are endless, really, when it comes to these super foods. Super foods are found in various fruits and vegetables and consumption of these must be regular. The downside is that we cannot focus on buying fruits and preparing vegetable meals all the time due to our busy lifestyle. Good thing, technology has transformed nutrients coming nature in a simpler format.

The question now is: do you really need to take these?

A Short History on Health Supplement Use

There was a time, so long ago, when people did not make use of these ‘health supplements’. They all depended on everything that can be gotten from nature.

They didn’t have multivitamin tablets which they had to take three times a day. For them, eating three times a day was enough. They didn’t have weight loss pills which could slough off fat in an instant. If they felt like they gained a bit, they’d exercise. They didn’t have herbal teas which can prevent the occurrence of certain diseases. If they got sick, they try to get well. If not, well, it’s a sad consequence naturally.

It would seem that there is no use for these health foods for people back then. Now, some would ask why it should be used now.

The Importance of Health Supplements Now

But we all have to admit that it was a very different time. Human stress levels today are higher compared to a hundred years back. There are diseases now which were not present before. Today, we are learning about the possible causes of these diseases and, more importantly, how to combat those.

This is where these health supplements come in.

Based on historical accounts and past scientific studies, health and pharmaceutical companies are coming up with amazing health products – all of which are beneficial to the human body. Through the emergence of technology, nutrients coming fruits and vegetables are transformed into pills, juices and tablets. This is to make supplement intake more convenient and beneficial. Today, you can buy health supplements in drugstores and online stores and easily store them in your home.

It’s All Natural

Spirulina provides the protein vegetarians need since they don’t eat meat. Cranberry juice maintains a healthy bladder and kidneys. Green tea is known as an amazing anti-oxidant. And there are so many more, all of which comes from nature. The great thing about these is that every single one of it comes in forms easily taken in like tablets, pills and even juices. Food products that are all-natural are always safe and so you need not worry about any negative side effects. At that, you also get the most nutrients for body.

Expert Advice from Health Practitioners

The medical world is gradually becoming more receptive when it comes to alternative ways of keeping the body healthy, these food supplements included. In fact, a lot of doctors now do recommend the use of multivitamins to keep energy levels up, to boost the immune system and for several other reasons.

They do warn their patients about the risks about supplementation. Too little or too much of anything is and will always be detrimental to one’s health. Aside from doing background researches about these health products, it is important to ask for expert medical advice first before taking in anything.

Health supplements have passed through scientific studies. These cannot be out in the market unless they obtain clearance from the Food and Drug Authority. Hence, this is one factor which you should always check on the labels of health supplement products. To be completely sure and safe, consult with a doctor.

If you want to learn more about these health foods or would like to find out what would be the best for you at this time, check out They have a great listing including immune boosters, gut healers, cholesterol killers and so many more. They have supplements for practically every single system in the body, ensuring that you will really get everything you need.