Why Getting a Massage from a Physiotherapy Clinic is a Lot Better

You’ve got to admit that getting a massage can do a lot of health and personal benefits to all of us. From the management of stress down to the alleviation of pain, massage can soothe our otherwise tired, knotted, and tensed muscles giving us the relaxation that we need. However, there’s a common perception that the best place to get a massage is from a health spa. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the spa. But when it comes to real therapeutic massage, there’s nothing better than getting it from a physiotherapy clinic with massage service.

Sure, a health spa massage specialist is fully trained as well as certified in performing a variety of massages. But a physiotherapist spends more than 4 years trying to learn the fundamentals of human anatomy particularly the interaction between the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. You see, I’ve always believed that the sensations that we feel are a function of our nerves and our brain. It’s our brain that processes this information and tells us exactly what we are feeling. Is it pain? Is it numbness? Is it a minor discomfort? Things like that.

I wasn’t always this way, nonetheless. I did go to my favourite health spa every weekend just to get a massage. Together with my girlfriends, we’d lie down on the massage table for hours just to feel relaxed. We’d have shiatsu, reflexology, Swedish, hot stone massage, and even aromatherapy massage. Let’s just say those treatments really did serve their purpose of relaxing us, unknotting our muscles so we’ll have all the mobility we need the following week.

But then, I realized that the relaxing effects of the massage simply don’t last long enough. After only several hours, I’d feel tired again. Does this mean I’d have to drag my friends to accompany me to the health spa all over again?

One of my friends told me we should try a physiotherapy clinic. I know you’d have the same reaction as I did as our perception of a physiotherapy clinic is basically for people with musculoskeletal problems or issues in mobility. People who have suffered a stroke and cannot move certain parts of their bodies often seek physiotherapy. I obviously don’t have such problems. But, since I am not going to lose anything, I obliged.

It would seem my friend knows something about the massage provided by a physiotherapist that I clearly don’t. Here’s why.

Physiotherapists study the human body especially when it comes to its physical mobility for many years. They can easily spot a problem just by using a variety of assessment techniques which form the very foundation of their treatment. You see, when you go in for a massage in a physiotherapy clinic, they just don’t let you lie down immediately and proceed with the massage. What they’ll do is to assess first your condition if you have any issues with mobilisation at all. Pain, it seems, is one of their bread and butter. And since pain can take many forms, physiotherapists can be of tremendous help when given the chance.

We go to a massage parlour because we feel tired and we want to relax. A physiotherapist understands this very well and can help explain to you why you are feeling this way. The added knowledge of how our bodies actually work can sometimes help ease whatever discomforts we are experiencing. The massage itself is both relaxing and therapeutic. Depending on your problems, the physical therapist can perform a variety of musculoskeletal manipulation so you’ll get the best treatment ever.

While we know that massage is supposed to only work on the muscles, a physical therapist also knows that these muscles are inherently connected to our bones and our joints. That is why during a massage session, they will also be performing different manoeuvres to help keep our spine in perfect alignment while also increasing the spaces between our joints.

At first I couldn’t really understand why this had to be done. But as our initial session came to an end, I could say that I felt much better compared to the result of a health spa-provided massage. The physical therapist explained that everything is actually connected. We can soothe a muscle but if the surrounding structures are also not managed well, then we’d still be experiencing the same problems. Increasing the spaces in between joints allow us to move a lot better. It also decreases the incidence of pain. In short, you’ll have the freedom of movement you’ve always dreamed of.

Perhaps what I really liked about going to a physiotherapy clinic for massage is the knowledge they impart. Now, I’m definitely more confident about my body and my mobility. And that’s something that a health spa simply cannot provide. So, the next time you’re feeling tired and want a relaxing massage, why don’t you visit a physiotherapy clinic? You’ll be glad to learn so many things about your body plus what you can do to improve your state of physical health.