Improving Fertility Rates Thru IVF Acupuncture

IVF Acupuncture

A naturally conceived pregnancy is what most women hope once they are prepared and have decided to get pregnant. However, there are certain conditions where going natural is not possible. When you visit FCM clinicyou will learn about alternative methods to successfully conceive and these methods were proven to be effective.

Infertile couples are becoming desperate when it comes to finding means to achieve conception. Fertility clinics, in return, have thought of ways and made studies about assisted reproduction and they do not look solely at what the modern approaches can do. Rather, they are delving on the use of traditional techniques to enhance the current approaches for infertility.

The realm of medicine, both western and alternative, has so much to offer in terms of helping women conceive. Top fertility centres around the world encourage an integrated approach wherein a modern method is combined with the traditional ones to increase its effects. Such is true with IVF acupuncture where the Chinese practice of inserting needles to relax the body is added to an IVF therapy.

During a typical In-Vitro Fertilization, a woman receives multiple injections in a course of several weeks in order to support the implantation. With such a daunting experience, it would be impossible to convince the woman to undergo acupuncture where needles are to be inserted into specific parts of the body. However, research shows that an IVF procedure that is coupled with acupuncture proved to be effective and beneficial.

What Makes Acupuncture Effective with IVF?

It is not fully understood how this traditional Chinese procedure helps a woman undergoing an IVF but doctors agree that it can indeed contribute to a favorable environment for conception. The primary benefit is that the procedure has a calming effect. Fertility treatments can be quite stressful, especially for the woman. With acupuncture, stress hormones are eliminated, thereby reducing the likelihood of failed fertilization. A relaxed patient will most likely have a total wellness plus a faster recovery.

There are also studies on the effects of acupuncture in the uterine blood flow. It shows that with the procedure, there is an increased ovarian blood flow, which is a must for a healthy follicle development. It will also improve egg quality as well as enhance the likelihood of implantation. Given that these reasons contribute to fertility, acupuncture then is beneficial for this purpose.

It should also not to be discounted that acupuncture therapy is always correlated to wellness. It evokes a “feel good” emotion that is psychologically helpful. Anxiety is a contributing factor to failed implantations so its effects on the woman’s emotions are highly regarded.

What is the Stand of Modern Medicine Practitioners Regarding this Integration?

There is an explosion of fascination with the use of acupuncture to back up IVF for the last 20 years. Even modern doctors can’t help but be interested in its effects on assisted reproduction. The mystical nature of acupuncture is being considered worthy of in-depth research and thorough analysis because of its potentials.

But does it really improve IVF outcomes?

Because there are many techniques, timing, and controls used during the research about IVF and acupuncture, problems in making a conclusive analysis about it remain to be a problem. The skeptics insist that the results are not convincing enough. They do, however, agree that acupuncture done during an IVF is perfectly safe. There is little to no harm for the woman to try it if only to have its relaxing benefits.

Considering that the results of the studies done on acupuncture effects to IVF are inconclusive especially to modern medicine, it is not guaranteed that it will work in all cases. Many are still not sold on the idea and are skeptical about it. But for infertility clinics that recognize its benefits, the procedure is not harmful, so it is really worth a try. Recent studies are currently making in-depth examinations of the evidence that needle stimulation during acupuncture improves blood flow to the vital organs in conception. This research can prove how the procedure can help by making the uterine wall receptive to the embryo.

Many couples who are on the verge of desperation are encouraged to try this Chinese traditional procedure. They can’t be blamed because although there is no proven scientific evidence of its effects, acupuncture is regarded to be effective in managing stress especially at the crucial stage of IVF. One thing is for sure, acupuncture is a natural way to calm the body because acupuncture is a great relaxation technique that anyone can rely on so a woman on IVF can most likely have a stress- free and successful fertilization.