K-Pop Hairstyles to Ask from Your Favourite Korean Hairdresser

If you’re like me who’s been following K-Pop celebrities for quite some time now, I’m pretty sure their hairstyle is one of the many things that fascinated you the most.

These stars of the Land of the Morning Calm are always camera-ready, relying on their fabulous and hip hairstyles to get them through any paparazzi.

Well, you no longer have to be envious of these superstars as you can have a fabulous Korean hairstyle of your own.

The trick is to ask for the latest trends from your favourite Korean hairdresser. To get you started, may I suggest the following K-Pop hairstyles for you to try?

High Ponytail

If you already have extra-long tresses, this is a hairstyle that should bring wonders to your personality.

While it is true that Ariana Grande is best known for sporting a high ponytail, there’s something in the way Korean superstars do it.

Check out Lisa and Sunni of Blackpink and you will see that the Korean version is more appealing in this part of the globe.

Ask your hairdresser to add volume to your hair by accessorising it with a number of textured and cuff-like hair accessories. This will give your crowning glory a thicker section.

Conventional ponytails require the use of hair extensions. With this Korean high ponytail version, you’re doing it in a more natural way.

Wispy Bangs

Girls who fret about their bangs can take the advice of Korean superstars. When it comes to managing the fringes on your forehead, it is best to keep the hair strands separated.

Most Australians do not like managing their bangs this way. But you will never know the difference if you will not give it a try. The wispy bangs, in the hands of an expert Korean hairstylist, will make you look fresher and more youthful.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can provide a wonderful breeze to your face. This is one great way to manage the humid weather of Australia.

Bobby Pins

Okay, so this is not a hairstyle in itself, but it is always a great take on creating a more graphic element in your hair. This is perfect for those who are not yet decided on what kind of hairstyle to take.

Bobby pins are all about putting hair pins in random and irregular patterns. To make it more successful, you have to part your hair so that one side will be available for the hairpins.

What you are doing is presenting this side of your hair as a work of art. It’s all about showcasing your creativity, using your hair as the canvas for the hairpins.


Kids love tiny braids on their locks. Now, just because we are already adults doesn’t mean we cannot also rock this hairstyle. The key here, of course, is to never overdo it.

You do not want to become the next Whoopi Goldberg when all you wanted is to become Twice’s Cho Tzu-yu. The maximum number of microbraids you can do is three.

It is also critical that you create braids only to one side of the head. You do not want to look like you are trying to become a Rastafarian.

Textured Curls

If you have a flat iron for the hair at home, then you should at least try this hairstyle. It is ideal for adding a stylish bend or sexy curve to your locks.

You only need to work one section of your hair at a time and give the flat iron a simple twist every few inches. This hairstyle provides a messy yet super-elegant textured hair that is perfect for those selfie shots.

Aside from these hairstyles, you can also ask your Korean hairstylist about the Pinched Roots, the Ribboned Top Knot, and the Faux Bob. I am pretty sure a true Korean hairdresser will be able to help you find the right Korean celebrity hairstyle for you.