Benefits of Playing Music (Especially Drums) for Health

drum lessonsIf you are one of those people who think that drumming is just all about music beats and noise, then you are wrong. In fact, drumming provides a wide variety of benefits in every aspect of the daily life. Many of the techniques and skills acquired in drumming can be applied to various other situations. And for the parents with hyper energetic children, it may just be the solution to bring back focus in the little ones. Many have enrolled into drum lessons without knowing its health benefits because their main goal is to hone their skills. If you belong to these individuals, then you will be delighted to know that there’s more than just developing a talent or skill.

A lot of research has supported the positive effects of drumming on social behaviors, self-esteem, behavioral issues, self-expression, grief, group cohesion, depression, bi-manual coordination, and many others, for adults and children alike.

Physical Benefits of Drumming

The physical aspect is one obvious benefit to drumming. Obviously, drumming is considered a physical activity, which takes a lot of energy. Try sitting on a stool, and move your hands and feet at rapid speed, for a few hours. Do you feel tired? It is definitely not an easy job. But, the drummers in the best drum lessons studio in Melbourne, Victoria have cardio muscles that are more developed compared to those non-drummers. So if you have trouble getting some exercise but would like to develop some muscles, then try to play drums. Not only will you get the exercise you need, but you will also have fun. In other words, you are having so much fun playing the drums that you do not feel you are actually exercising.

Mental Benefits of Drumming

The main reason that rhythm is an effective tool is that it spreads throughout the whole brain. For example, speech is in one section of the brain and vision in another part. But drumming has access to the entire brain.

The brain is built to easily recognize music and rhythm patterns. It activates limbic and frontal parts of the brain, helping the brain attract attention to the sound. For some people, it is calming and therapeutic, similar to other types of music.

Drumming takes a lot of time, work and energy that is quite rewarding when done right. These reward can be identified easily, and drummers are self-motivated. This focus and determination that is learned through drumming can be applied to any situation. While performing a beat, a drummer uses all parts of the brain to ensure that they are playing on time.

For the children, this helps develop basic skills in channeling their thought process, and focusing on a specific thing. For parents who have children experiencing ADD or ADHD, playing drums is beneficial for them. Getting the youngsters to begin playing the drums is an effective way for them use their excess energy on something that is physical and useful. By engaging both the body and mind in performing music, the whole activity will be exhilarating and enjoyable, not exhausting.

Reduce Stress, Tension and Anxiety

The same as what you call a runner’s high, a drummer’s brain discharge feel-good hormones shortly after playing music. It is the dynamic performance of music that creates this endorphin high, not really the music by itself.

Playing drums can relieve stress, frustration and disappointment. It does not matter if you are using a drum kit, beating a djembe, or hitting a marching band bass drum, drumming is a great stress reliever. Playing music can boost your mood even for just a short while. So, if you are feeling a bit down or a burned out, then grab those drum sticks and start drumming.

Playing Drums Helps Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has a tremendously draining effect on the way of life of a person. Reports indicate that drumming acts as a distraction from grief and pain. Also, it stimulates the production of endorphins and endogenous opiates, which are the morphine-like painkillers of the body, and thus aid in controlling the pain.

Whether you are young or grown up, playing the drums can be the most gratifying experience for you. It will help keep you active, keeping you thinking and keeping you in the know. It is strongly recommended that parents encourage their kids of any age to play drums. It will help shape their personality and character by teaching them some essential skills in life. Indeed, drumming is for everyone, regardless of age and gender.

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The Truth About Super Foods: Is It Really Good for You?

healhty foodsHealth supplements are all over the market today. You will find one which can help you get rid of acne, eradicate your chances of infertility, beat stress, reduce weight, boost your immune system and so many more. The possibilities are endless, really, when it comes to these super foods. Super foods are found in various fruits and vegetables and consumption of these must be regular. The downside is that we cannot focus on buying fruits and preparing vegetable meals all the time due to our busy lifestyle. Good thing, technology has transformed nutrients coming nature in a simpler format.

The question now is: do you really need to take these?

A Short History on Health Supplement Use

There was a time, so long ago, when people did not make use of these ‘health supplements’. They all depended on everything that can be gotten from nature.

They didn’t have multivitamin tablets which they had to take three times a day. For them, eating three times a day was enough. They didn’t have weight loss pills which could slough off fat in an instant. If they felt like they gained a bit, they’d exercise. They didn’t have herbal teas which can prevent the occurrence of certain diseases. If they got sick, they try to get well. If not, well, it’s a sad consequence naturally.

It would seem that there is no use for these health foods for people back then. Now, some would ask why it should be used now.

The Importance of Health Supplements Now

But we all have to admit that it was a very different time. Human stress levels today are higher compared to a hundred years back. There are diseases now which were not present before. Today, we are learning about the possible causes of these diseases and, more importantly, how to combat those.

This is where these health supplements come in.

Based on historical accounts and past scientific studies, health and pharmaceutical companies are coming up with amazing health products – all of which are beneficial to the human body. Through the emergence of technology, nutrients coming fruits and vegetables are transformed into pills, juices and tablets. This is to make supplement intake more convenient and beneficial. Today, you can buy health supplements in drugstores and online stores and easily store them in your home.

It’s All Natural

Spirulina provides the protein vegetarians need since they don’t eat meat. Cranberry juice maintains a healthy bladder and kidneys. Green tea is known as an amazing anti-oxidant. And there are so many more, all of which comes from nature. The great thing about these is that every single one of it comes in forms easily taken in like tablets, pills and even juices. Food products that are all-natural are always safe and so you need not worry about any negative side effects. At that, you also get the most nutrients for body.

Expert Advice from Health Practitioners

The medical world is gradually becoming more receptive when it comes to alternative ways of keeping the body healthy, these food supplements included. In fact, a lot of doctors now do recommend the use of multivitamins to keep energy levels up, to boost the immune system and for several other reasons.

They do warn their patients about the risks about supplementation. Too little or too much of anything is and will always be detrimental to one’s health. Aside from doing background researches about these health products, it is important to ask for expert medical advice first before taking in anything.

Health supplements have passed through scientific studies. These cannot be out in the market unless they obtain clearance from the Food and Drug Authority. Hence, this is one factor which you should always check on the labels of health supplement products. To be completely sure and safe, consult with a doctor.

If you want to learn more about these health foods or would like to find out what would be the best for you at this time, check out They have a great listing including immune boosters, gut healers, cholesterol killers and so many more. They have supplements for practically every single system in the body, ensuring that you will really get everything you need. 

How I Got My Sparking Teeth

MouthFor Those Who Ask: What is Teeth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is a simple cosmetic dentistry process of removing stains and discoloration from the surface of the teeth. Known to be one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, teeth whitening is here to stay for long and is expected to gain more popularity in the coming years.

My Personal Teeth Whitening Experience

I set forth for a teeth whitening session with my local dentist here in Melbourne. I had my best friend’s wedding coming up, and I was to be a bridesmaid. Despite knowing that it was only a teeth whitening procedure I was still scared. This process is not a one-time procedure, and I was worried about the first session here. When I met a doctor, he told me that whitening is a process that should be done on a regular basis to avoid yellow staining on teeth. He said it was the enamel of the tooth that gives it the colour and to keep them spotless is not easy because the tooth enamel has pores that absorb stains and colour from food. The colour could come from tobacco consumption; simply one’s genes, caffeine intake, and lack of regular proper teeth brushing. People can have a stain on the insides of teeth that called intrinsic stains, but tooth whitening helps lighten the colour of only the external stains. Remember that teeth whitening do not work on veneers. After this small conversation, he began with my life’s first cosmetic dentistry procedure.

The dentist began by photographing my teeth followed with thorough teeth cleaning process. I noticed a small tray that housed the whitening gel that matched my teeth’s natural colour. There are two types of dental scrubs possible. If it’s a root canalled tooth a non-vital procedure will be done and if it is a tooth with live nerves a vital whitening process shall be done. The whitening treatment involves applying the gel on the tooth and the gums. The gel settled on the teeth and then the dentist reflected a strong laser light for around 5-10 minutes on the treated teeth. After removal from the light, the dentist checked the shine and colour. He asked me to come back as soon as I feel the shine and lustre have gone as teeth’s whitening is not a permanent procedure.

My personal teeth experience was smooth but sometimes it takes a while to achieve the whiteness desired. So I suggest that you take out some time and visit your dentist. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Is Korean hairstyle suitable for you?

Folks are going wild over the Korean hairdo in the whole of Australia nowadays. It might be the hip that Korean people is setting in the country. Korean Hair styles have a lot regarding the nature and kind of hair. There is some silkiness and shine about Korean hair which makes it all the more amazing.

There are lots of matters, yet, that one must understand before going for a Korean haircut. The first thing that one must understand is the way to choose the best hair salon for you. There might be many Korean hair salons and they all would be boasting about giving the finest Korean hair styles to you, but you must behave prudently. To begin with, if you’re a non-Korean and still desire to opt for a haircut that is Korean then it is wise to understand if you’d have the ability to carry that hair cut or not. Certainly, your hair dresser would not want one to know that you may not appear great with a haircut that is Korean.

You must study a little on internet and visit sites of the top Korean hairdresser Melbourne, to be able to pick the best Korean hair salon Melbourne. Those hair salons which have Koreans hair stylists might give you the best hair cut for the simple reason the Koreans know more about the Korean haircut than anyone else. These perspectives and opinions are able to help you select better.

Each individual has different hair kind and quality . A haircut can really destroy your hair if not done in the manner that is right. Sometimes, straightening the hair proves to be a vain decision as it leads to hair fall and other such hair problems. You have to make sure the haircut is suited to your hair. Go to a salon that values your hair, not your haircut. You will be much more satisfied in the end.

Hair Straightening Methods that Work

You are looking at the right article if you are searching for permanent hair straightening Melbourne. A lot of women may agree that hair straightening is an intricate yet interesting project that will require much more forbearance and good pattern to get the job done with perfection. It isn’t that simple to get your own hair without learning the way to work with a straightener correctly in your hair styled to those celebrity hair styles. The flexibility of realizing different hair styles rapidly with different junctures is the only reason of the raising popularity nowadays. Girls with curled hair constantly need their hair right, while those produced with straight hair wish to achieve stunning star curls. You can try several methods of long-lasting and temporary straightening solutions to check out. If you simply desire to create your hair for a unique occasion, then you’ll simply require a short-term change in your hairdo.

And if you’re fed up of your terrible hair and needs to conceal them or boost your appearances, then you ought to be trying to find long-term remedies. Irreversible hair straightening techniques are yet tremendously pricey as opposed to temporary straightening techniques where the design may come back to the normal hair after having a wash. You’ve got the option of executing whatever design you need temporarily or permanent.

A straightener can assist you, if you select the temporary straightening technique so you could keep shifting your appearances and style with different trendy hair styles of this time. As it involves the security of your own hair, your only option usually is the usual ceramic straightener that is included with state-of-the-art technology to get your hair styled splendidly without hurting the hair. Search for better characteristics and functionalities, when searching the ceramic flat-irons. Get your fingers on the tool with flexible heat settings so you may set the precise temperature to your hair without damaging your valuable locks. To help make the procedure for styling cozy, select a light weight and ergonomically-designed version that’s more useful. Follow all of the security measure while styling. Be sure that your own hair is entirely dry and is shielded with thermal protectants for secure styling. Keep the hair tangle-free and make use of the device just on little segments of your own hair.

If you have tried everything mentioned above and still not satisfied with the result, why not go to your favourite hair salon and let them do the work for you? You can also ask for tips and tricks while observing the way they do it so next time you’ll be able to do it yourself.