Why Pampering Yourself Is Important

The concept of “girl boss” is so common these days. You see shows having female leads and you see them conquer their jobs, companies, and relationships. I wouldn’t say I’m a girl boss, but I’m pretty sure that I’m on my way to becoming one.

Work, Work, Work

I’m one of those women who have a full schedule every day. I wake up early, I work out, I prepare my meals, and then go to work. When I get home, I usually just pass by a store to buy food and then I watch a few shows on the TV. At first, I thought this routine was working for me, but there are days when I feel like I was just being a robot to my dreams.

So, little by little, I felt burnt out. My friends would tell me I’m a workaholic. Aside from the gym, I don’t splurge or treat myself to anything. That’s when someone recommended me to try Beaute 2001.

How I Learned to Treat My Self

Beaute 2001 is a beauty clinic around my neighborhood. It specializes in body treatments such as massages, facial treatments, hair removals, and even skin tanning. I’m not a fan of facial treatments, but I do love their massages.

Beaute 2001 offers four different kinds of body treatments. Being a newbie, the first thing I tried was their aroma massage. The staff told me that this massage was meant to relax both my body and my head. It’s a 60-minute massage. During this time, you’ll experience various types of massages that are mixed together to give you the ultimate relaxing experience.

I have to say that during my first time here, I didn’t see how different it would be from other massage salons. But when I actually tried the aroma massage, I understood why it’s a staple for every first customer. The masseuse was very professional. She obviously knows the art of massage. Plus, it came with oils and scents that just relaxed my mind. I could have sworn I fell asleep at least twice.

Because I couldn’t have enough of it, I went back for a second visit to Beaute 2001. This time, I tried a specialized massage. It’s the “stress-melting Swedish massage”. Apart from the massage, you’ll get to pick the kind of oil and scent you want based on your mood that time. You have a lot of oils to choose from and they will gladly help you decide. If you are stressed like me, this is the massage you should try.

Why Pampering is Important

You probably know now that pampering myself was never a priority. But when I tried getting regular massages at Beaute 2001, I couldn’t imagine my routine without it. With the amount of stress I handle every day, it only felt fitting to indulge myself in a 60-minute spa treatment at the clinic.

This time alone treating myself was not only good to relax my muscles and my mind. It was also good for me to appreciate myself. The time I spent smelling the essential oils and listening to the calming sounds in the clinic allowed me to have that mental space. This then made me more grounded. It somehow reminded me that these self-care moments are important to refocus myself for the week to come.

But the massages weren’t the only services that I tried. There are hand and feet services like manicure and pedicure. So when I have an event to go to or I just want to start the week with a power look, I make sure to drop by Beaute 2001. They have a mani-pedi service that only lasts for 45 minutes. If you’re very busy, you can also try their “express manicure” that only lasts for 20 minutes. It’s a perfect lunch break errand during the weekdays. I can’t stress enough how important pampering yourself is. There are times that you’ll be so caught up at work that you end up looking so stressed and fatigued. If you can’t commit to a weekly self-care treat, you can try visiting Beaute 2001 once a month. It’s going to be something you’ll look forward to.